We would like to thank the Schlitz Audubon Nature Center in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, for providing us with a wonderful place to film our videos. You can learn more about the center at

We would also like to thank Kaufman Field Guides for providing us with range maps and general information about hummingbirds.

A big thank-you to Don and Noriko Carroll for providing video footage from their DVD, First Flight: A Mother Hummingbird’s Story. You can order their award-winning documentary from their website,

Thanks to Eric Pittman for providing video footage of the hummingbirds in his backyard in Canada. You can see more of Eric’s work at

We would like to thank Steve Byland for providing photos and videos. Learn more about him at

We would like to thank the following Birds & Blooms readers for supplying many of the images you see in this class: Leisa Royse, Myrna Erler-Bradshaw, Walter Nussbaumer, Michael Duncan, Tish King, Barbara McGiffin, Cynthia Foulk, Dale Doram, Steve Gifford, Hazel Erickson, Jerry Acton, Jessica Glenn, Jonathan Jenkins, Cynthia Lockwood, Don Rash, Kenn and Kimberly Kaufman, Mary Zugelder, Lynda Sanders, Steve Byland, Julie Kennedy, Debi Livingston, Sharon Richards, Don and Noriko Carroll, Eric Pittman, Connie, James, Brent, Vicki.

We would like to thank the following photographers from PD Loyd, S.R. Magione, Bartosz Budrewicz, Sirikorn Techatraibhop, Stephen Orsillo, Elliotte Rusty Harold, Tom Reichner, yuqun, Ikordela, Kelly Nelson, Kathy Clark, Birdiegal, Glenn Price, Steve Byland, Takahashi Photography, Olga Lipatova, worldswildlifewonders, Colton Stiffler, Darren K Fisher, Susan McKenzie, Norman Bateman, Annette Shaff, Sari O’Neal, jadimages.

We would like to thank the following photographers from Alamy: Rick & Nora Bowers, Kevin Elsby.